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I’m Richard Ferguson founder and owner of Kili Consulting, an experienced management consultant with a proven track record supporting organisations and individuals across the world. My personal purpose is to ‘motivate and inspire people to build a brighter future’ and through Kili I intend to do that in the widest possible way. As a result Kili Consulting is focussed on inspiring and motivating organisations, functions, teams and individuals to build a brighter future. We can help you step back from the daily grind, give you the tools, the experience and an external perspective that provides you with the support needed to enable you to confidently create a future that is fit for purpose and excites you and your teams.

Kili Consulting is focussed on inspiring and motivating organisations, functions, teams and individuals to build a brighter future.

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Purpose Driven Leadership

MidCounties Coop

 “I’ve attended many events like this, but Richard is different. Firstly, he clearly lives how he talks,  he applies the principles he shares with us in his daily life, that’s inspiring. Secondly, he’s clear in saying that it’s not a 1 stop shop, some of his learning will not apply to all and he doesn’t try and force them on us, that gains buy in from the group, and in my sessions everyone has taken something from them. I’ve enjoyed the 2 sessions I have been on, my last one is tomorrow and I feel a sense of disappointment that there will be no more. I have taken away several things from this, help with self motivation, to organisation. I would recommend him to individuals and companies alike, you will not regret it.”


Justin Stone
MidCounties Cooperative

Gloucestershire Constabulary

Glouc Police

I wanted to thank you for the work that you have done at Gloucestershire Constabulary reviewing our leadership programmes and helping to make them fit for purpose as we reshaped the organisations Operating Model and navigate through austerity measures.  Additionally, you facilitated a Senior Leader’s Planning Day to help build strong relationships between key decision makers in the organisation.  In all of our interactions with you we found you to be insightful, appropriately challenging and a joy to work with.  You delivered your work in a timely and easily digestible manor giving us a clear, relevant and pragmatic way forward.  It was just what we needed at the time – so thank you.

Rod Hansen - Deputy Chief Constable

Tesco Future Farmer Foundation


As a young woman in the process of taking over a medium sized family farming business, employing 20 people, I have a lot to take on.  As part of the Tesco Future Farmer Foundation; a programme I have been part of for the past 12 months, Richard was assigned to me as my mentor to help with leadership, strategy and project planning.  He works in an energised, inspiring and pragmatic way which has helped me focus on what I need to do and has kick started me into getting things done.  I'm really excited about continuing working with Richard, because what he has done for me so far is invaluable.

Sophie Hope
A&A Farms
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