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Conference Design and Facilitation

"The business decided to engage with the operations teams to align them for the new financial year and introduce a new operating model. We decided we wanted a facilitator to support the session and also support the leadership team over two days to ensure we got the most out of our teams. We turned to Richard as we had worked with him previously and he has a really good understanding of the challenges faced by teams when they are going through a change transformation.

 Richard not only facilitated the 2 day conference but also supported the senior team to define the required outcome for the meeting and also helped prioritise what was important with limited time to influence a large team. Richard then turned the outcomes required into a fun, informative and collaborative session for our teams. As a senior team we had an opportunity to listen to our teams, share our plans and also understand their barriers, concerns and successes!

 The feedback from the colleagues was brilliant – phrases like ‘a good use of my time’ and ‘I fully understand the role I play in achieving the budgets’ scored an 8/10 – so a really positive two days.

Thank you Richard"


Debbie Arat, HR Business Partner
Palmer & Harvey

Global Development Programme

Richard worked with the Premier Farnell supply chain team over a one year development programme working with a cross functional global team. Richard delivered a series of workshops both in the UK and Belgium as well as coaching the various participants over the period of the programme.

 There are clearly many elements that are critical to ensure any development / change management programme are as success - However where I think Richard specifically (but far from limited to) excelled when working with Premier Farnell was his experience and genuine passion for his field.


Whilst Richard’s experience is not necessarily unique – it’s how he is able to pass on his experience that really shines through. I truly felt that we were able to get the highlights and critical points from Richard’s vast experience rather than just a download of his knowledge and past. As a result every topic or area we explored I felt we were getting a headstart on the learning / field and not constantly starting at square one!

Many programmes in theory look great but often fall short due to being generic  – however with Richard’s experience working across so many organisations he is able to cut through so many abstract theories and models to truly relate them back to our organisation providing us with actuals tools to help the team develop and grow.

 Genuine passion

Richard’s passion and ability to build relationships again were critical to the success of the programme. From bringing a large group together, building one on one relationships, or helping each of the participants navigate challenges we face Richard’s passion was evident in each. From my perspective it was great how quickly Richard built up a relationship and so early on was able to be direct, honest and challenging of me to absolutely help me push and develop myself.

 I can confidently say the positive impact to my career will last far beyond the end of the programme!

Anthony Chou
Premier Farnell

Aston University

Kili consulting is built on a great foundation.... "Be the best you can be". It's founder, Richard, is an inspirational "tigger" ......he bounces wisdom, insight and depth into your thought process, and your organisation. We have worked together in three sectors, over seven years, and he never  fails to help you get things in perspective and see what is important.....and leaves you with a little more energy to get on with it!


Linda Pope, Director of Human Resources and Organisation Development
Aston University
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