I have just finished my morning meditation using the Headspace App and the topic or theme of the ‘pack’ that I am currently on is that of Acceptance. I am sure that I have mentioned the power of meditation before in one of my blogs – but for the sake of being boring (well at least conforming what my kids think 😊) I would just extol the virtues once more before revisiting the topic of acceptance and the insight that my morning meditation gave me today.

 We live busier and busier lives, are influenced and stimulated by so many different things as we go through our daily lives and as a consequence it is pretty hard to find some stillness or peace in our busy minds – the result? Sometimes our minds are not as nice, balanced, positive or a great place to be. Meditation is not some holy grail and opportunity to experience a golden light and nirvana – it is simply ‘brain training’, training the mind in order that you can try and get a little more control, focus less on the negative and the clutter and more on balance, positives and I guess harmony to a greater or lesser degree. For those of you who have teenage children, it is a bit like the battle of the bedroom, training the child to make it a cleaner, tidier space more conducive to study perhaps. Scientists have proven that a regular meditation habit creates new neural pathways and networks – so actively improving the way the brain works and combating the natural deterioration of old age. It creates some ‘you’ time where you can escape the trials and tribulations of life, it is a proven combatant of stress, improver of sleep and supports building better mental health – for a 10 minute daily investment you can get a pretty impressive return. If you want more evidence here are 19 science-based reasons to meditate. https://greatist.com/grow/science-backed-reasons-meditate#7

I rest my case and will jump off my soapbox! 😊

Back to the topic of Acceptance and it’s opposite Resistance – the meditation practice basically gets you to reflect on the following question – and I just thought it was a pretty powerful one that many of us would benefit from a bit of space thinking about.

“Who is it or what is it that you are resisting in life right now?”

Every time I do it there are different insight or discoveries – as part of a meditation practice you are not supposed to dwell or cogitate or ponder – just acknowledge and move on, but it has certainly given me insight on which to reflect later in the day. As I said before, our emotional energy is being drained from such a myriad of sources and anything we can do to eliminate unnecessary sources should be helpful… right? So recognising that you are resisting something that you may not have thought about or appreciated means you have identified the source of potential angst that you can maybe do something about?

The other thought that occurred is the power of positive association – now the brain is a positive processor. In order for it to comprehend a negative instruction e.g. “don’t walk on the grass”, it has to conjure up an image of you walking on the grass and then put a big red cross through with an accompanying loud no – but too late, the thought has now been planted in your subconscious. For golfers amongst you – facing a little chip onto the green but over a bunker – what do you tell yourself? “Don’t put it in the bunker!” What invariably happens? 😊 Pass me the rake! So framing things positively not negatively is a much more powerful and effective way of improving performance and getting things done.

Reflecting on the resistance question – I wondered if it is also equally powerful to ask the follow up   question – “who or what would I like to accept right now?” This automatically builds a positive subconscious image of acceptance and may prove to be helpful in moving from acknowledgement to action?

I hope that these ramblings make a bit of sense – I know that my meditation habit has helped me enormously deal with challenges and remain more balanced and positive. The resistance question has given me some surprising insights and has really help unlock opportunities to be happier and more fulfilled. I commend these opportunities to the house and would encourage action to be twofold.

  1. If you haven’t tried meditating then give it a go –the App from Headspace.com is as easy as any way into it, but there are others, www.calm.com being another popular App.
  2. Regardless of meditation – find some quiet time and relax, try to switch off from everything else and ask yourself the question – “who is it or what is it that you are resisting in life right now?” See what comes forth.

What’s the worst that could happen – and at the very least you may get 10 minutes quiet time and access to something new? Would love to hear your thoughts – onwards and upwards!!