When was the last time you came across a word that you didn’t know?

What did you do?

I was reading a book the other day and came across a word I didn’t know, or didn’t know for sure. I had an inkling but would not have been confident to use it in public 😊 This happens quite frequently and the joys of mobile tinterweb mean that I can look it up as I go, usually breathing a sigh of relief as I was sufficiently ‘out’ in my understanding.

I have paused several times when this happens to reflect on my natural curiosity to explore and understand rather than just to accept that I don’t know what it means. I wondered how common this was? We are exposed to so much on a daily basis, there is always going to be things we don’t know or don’t understand; from words, to concepts, to people and places we hear about, the opportunity to expand our knowledge and understanding daily is certainly bounteous. However, so is the subconscious desire to bring control and order to bear; that doesn’t fit with my world view, that is unknown and scary so ignore it, I already have enough words, move on!

There are always videos on the book of Faces featuring young puppies or young children – exploring, playing, being curious about the world around them – often turned into cute funny videos as they face plant into a bucket or fall off the end of the sofa. But the point is valid I guess – in order to learn, to grow, to develop you have to be curious, you have to experiment and you have to embrace what is new. How else do we grow if we don’t remain curious?

The role of serendipity is also important and something to think about, those of you who are fans of The Secret and the Law of Attraction will be well aware. I have talked before about sensory acuity and the Fiat 500 story, but thought it useful to reflect on this topic again briefly. Your subconscious is an incredibly powerful tool, more powerful than our conscious mind by a long chalk I reckon. If you haven’t given it some insight, some focus, some direction by creating clarity about what you want and where you are going, then you are limiting your progress dramatically. Leave a question or aspiration in your mind (vividly brought to life if you can) and see what transpires – you will be surprised by what you take note of or bump into that may help.  If you let yourself be curious and open to new things who knows what may transpire.

So I guess there are two applications of these insights?

  1. When was the last time you proactively engaged your curiosity and actively opened yourself up, looking to learn or gain experience of something new?
  2. Being more mindful of how you respond when faced with something you don’t know, understand or haven’t seen before! “Oh – I don’t know what that is!” versus “Oh – I wonder what that means?”

Forever onward and upward!

PS the word was peregrination! Go on…..….. look it up 😊

PPS if you haven’t come across a word that you don’t know recently – is your reading too safe?