Most people at some time in their career find themselves in situations where the stakes are higher.  The business landscape has changed, joined a new organisation, been promoted, given new challenges, opportunities and responsibilities or are on a development track for potential promotion.  Unfortunately, the day job rarely stands still long enough for people to create the additional focus that is needed to rise to the challenge or to think strategically about what it will take to succeed.  They are often constrained by their ‘tried and tested methods’ unaware of what they don’t know, they can feel alone and unsupported at best, stressed and under pressure at worst.  As a consequence, if they always do what they have always done they are unlikely to succeed, they will face undue pressure, have their confidence eroded and be slow to develop and grow.

Therefore, providing an external and objective perspective, bringing new insights and experience to bear to build confidence and help accelerate the rate of change for individuals and teams is critical, take on a coach!

Take on a coach


As an experienced Management Consultant and International speaker Richard has engaged audiences around the world both large and small with his infectious enthusiasm and pragmatic insights and messages.

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Agenda for Success

Could your team be clearer about its strategic direction and priorities?  Is there a need to build a compelling strategy, vision or sense of purpose and direction; improve the quality of the relationships, improve the quality of the conversations you are having, align on the right priorities and take better decisions quicker! Take advantage of the tried and tested Kili Consulting Agenda for Success process and spend time with your senior team.

Agenda for success

Purpose Driven Leadership

Does your team and the leaders in it have the capability to lead the delivery of your strategic aspirations right now? Do you need to grow the leadership capability in order that you can continue to raise the bar on performance.  If you can’t lead yourself it is hard to lead those around you.  The Kili Consulting  Purpose Driven Leadership programme enables people to tap into their true potential and lead with authenticity and passion.

Purpose driven leadership

Embedding Behavioural Change

Are you going through change and need your people to embrace it more effectively? Is your culture fit for where you are now and where you want to go? For true change to be effective means people will need to behave in a different way.  Changing culture through changing behaviours takes time and requires focusing on all of the levers by which people can be influenced and encouraged. Take advantage of the track record of the Kili Consulting 9 Levers for Change approach and embed sustainable behavioural change now.

Embedding behavioural change

Sat Nav for Life

Life is too short not to be the best that you want to be, to live the best life you want to.  However, we are all leading busier and busier lives, we live in the pressing needs of today and next week, bombarded by information and opportunity.  We run the risk of finding ourselves running just to keep up, juggling priorities, not being clear what is important and failing to grab the opportunities that come our way.  Is it therefore time to take some control? If that is going to happen, you need to spend more time planning your life than you do your weekly shopping!  Build yourself a Sat Nav for Life that enables you to navigate the life you dare to dream about.

Sat Nav for Life

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