Agenda for Success

A team is stronger than the sum of its parts. But unless everyone in the group is aligned, there’s little chance of reaching full potential. Is your team clear on its strategic direction and priorities? Could relationships or working practices benefit from refinement?

Agenda for Success offers a tried-and-tested process that enables you to conceptualise, plan and deliver strategic intent within your team, function or organisation.

Building a brighter future

Where does your team want to be in three years, or even 18 months? This is an important question, but one that rarely gets discussed when fighting fires and focusing on day-to-day operations.

To perform as a team, and get the best out of those within it, you must have a compelling strategy, vision or sense of direction driving the operational treadmill.

You’ve built a capable group; now is the time to fine-tune your agenda and ensure everyone is working effectively. Whether you’re looking to reduce complexity, improve performance or build a reputation, Agenda for Success can help.

Five steps to success

Building strategic intent requires a careful process that not only starts discussion, but hones the results into something meaningful and actionable.

Over the course of two workshops, we will tap into the priorities, goals and opportunities facing your team, aligning stakeholders’ requirements into a strategic plan that increases focus and accountability.

To do so, we follow a proven five-step process:

1. Understand your starting point

Before the first workshop, we ask our clients to consider their current situation. What challenges are your team facing? What are the current priorities? Where do you personally and collectively want to be in 18, 24 or 36 months? What do your stakeholders expect and want? This provides a great starting point for the inaugural session.

2. Build a clear compelling picture of the future

During the first workshop, we’ll get everything out on the table, establishing the views and goals of team members, and reflecting on stakeholder insights and priorities, to create a clear set of shared aspirations. This will lay the foundation for a strategic landscape, outlining the associated headwinds, tailwinds and potential distractions.

3. Plan for change

Once the strategic landscape has been established, we build a plan to deliver. A shared plan, with a limited set of clear priorities, is critical; the detail is driven by you. This could be a top-level view of tasks and objectives, or something more detailed that assigns specific roles and deadlines to individuals

4. Deliver against strategic intent

To be stronger than the sum of its parts, a team needs strong relationships and effective ways of working. As such, we take time to improve relationships and explore personal and collective actions that will improve team performance.

We recommend planning the second workshop a few weeks after the first, to allow time to reflect and gain perspective. This ensures that the final strategy is feasible and fit for purpose, maximising the chance of successful implementation.

5. Refine stakeholder engagement

Ultimately, strategic change is only successful if all stakeholders within the business buy-in to the process. By ensuring that you proactively plan for and consider stakeholder engagement, you give yourself the best chance of successfully achieving the desired outcomes from your initiative.

Working with us

Change starts with a clear statement of intent, but what do you want that statement to be? By enlisting an objective, experienced perspective, you can expedite this potentially tricky process in a highly interactive way that increases energy, engagement and enthusiasm.  

Having worked with different teams across a broad range of industries, Kili Consulting have the tools and experience to ensure that you find the most effective path to fulfil the goals of both your team and those within it.

For more information about Agenda for Success, call 07976 752153 or email richard@kiliconsulting.co.uk today.