Purpose Driven Leadership

It has been proven time and again that effective leadership capability, at all levels, is one of the few truly distinctive contributors to performance; great leadership can lead to exceptional outcomes and poor leadership can result in a severe lack of accomplishment.

So many leaders have developed into leaders as a consequence of their functional expertise and experience, they have grown up and into the role sometimes by design but oft times by accident.

We believe that to be an effective leader of other people they first need to be an effective leader of themselves!  If they are not passionately clear about their purpose, direction and what it takes to stay focussed on their own journey, there is a danger their team will suffer and they are not as effective in their leadership roles as they need to be.  The net result is performance that could be improved, staff that could be more motivated and customers that could be better served. The opportunity for your organisation or function is to invest in the appropriate leadership development that builds the leadership capability you need to succeed.

At Kili Consulting, we work with leaders to motivate and inspire them to lead with purpose, passion and authenticity through our Purpose Driven Leadership approach. We have worked with a wide range of teams, in all sizes, and have a proven track record delivering a perfectly tailored programme which develops individual and collective leadership capability.

Within our approach, we work with you to design success at the get go of the programme to ensure there is collective accountability for the delivery of tangible results; we take your leadership training one step further by building upon pre-existing knowledge and creating an approach which leads to team buy-in and the addition of real value.

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