Sat Nav For Life

None of us should settle for less in life. But, as anyone knows, the goal posts are changing at every turn. Time flies past and leaves us spinning, unsure where to go as we’re caught on the treadmill. And when a significant event happens in our lives, we can feel lost altogether.

Our Sat Nav programme turns your mental mirror inward, identifying personal goals for the years ahead. It’s designed to give you a clear vision of where you’re going and where you want to be, as well as the strength and strategy to get there…

Understanding your professional GPS

Over the course of six months, we ask clients to pick apart their deepest likes, wants, needs and aspirations. Self-awareness is vital, because it leads to accountability for your actions and smart decisions on how to move forward.

Our trio of workshops and supporting webinars OR one to one coaching will help you chart your next steps in life. It’s more than wish-making; we suggest strategies for personal evaluation, considering how and why we should pursue something over a given period. We encourage our clients to build timelines for change, so they aren’t constantly chasing shadows.

Whether you’re in charge of a team’s emotional wellbeing, or eager to find where your own happiness lies, the Sat Nav programme can provide the certainty and direction you need to move forward.

Three stages of reflection

It takes time to develop a roadmap from those initial aspirations to a tangible plan for the future. That’s why we’ve built a steady, accumulative process for understanding the value of work, home, leisure and relationships.

Although the answers will depend on your own values and vision, it helps to have a structured means of teasing them out.

Our three-stage strategy consists of:

  1. Creating confidence & energy

Our workshops focus on the things that make us proud. By identifying and probing these successes, we give people the energy and self-worth to build on these little victories in life.

  1. Delving deeper into your goals

What does fulfilment mean to you? How is it achieved, and what stands in the way? Our roles – at home, as well as in business – dictate how we think of ourselves. It’s time to hone in on how those roles and labels influence one another. In doing so, we’ll delve into broader areas of progress and where it may be lacking.

  1. Initiating positive progress

By understanding key issues, we can begin to identify actions to enact over the course of each month. We will help you to build a plan with three and one year time horizons and support you instilling the disciplines of regular plan-do-review. This fosters a pragmatic attitude to personal development. In this manner, progress has definitive signposts: you can see where short-term aims pay off in the grander scheme of your Sat Nav journey.

Working with us

We’re here to cut through the pressure of any responsibilities you may be up against. By building on fundamental sources of fulfilment, we can identify where other, more complex factors are rippling into your goals and performance.

After six months, you’ll have gained in confidence and wellbeing. The benefits are endless – Kili Consulting has been doing this for years, and we’ve seen how it can utterly transform you or the people you rely on.

Call 07976 752153 or email Richard@kiliconsulting.co.uk for further details on the Sat Nav package.